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Oct 20, 2015 at 08:41 PM

Migration from HP-UX to Linux


Dear Community members,

We are doing POC for migration of ECC from HP-UX ( Code page ---> 4102 = Big Endian) to Linux ( Code page --> 4103 = Little Endian) platform with no DB change ( Oracle).My question is , although ECC on source system is Unicode, does this migration still be considered as Code Page conversion ? ( I am thinking code page conversion for H/W is happening in this case) If so, Do I have to unload the cluster tables in sorted order always during code page conversion ?

954268 - Optimization of export: Unsorted unloading

  • Code page conversion
    If you convert the codepage, you must always unload cluster tables as sorted. The codepage is converted for the following actions:

  • non-Unicode --> Unicode
  • MDMP --> Unicode
  • Unicode (big endian) --> Unicode (little endian) ------> My scenario
  • Unicode (little endian) --> Unicode (big endian)

Caution: For a code page conversion, the conversion must be carried out during the export to ensure that cluster tables are always exported immediately.

I have read the below thing in one of the document.

Note: If a code page conversion is performed, table clusters must be unloaded sorted. As of R3load 6.40 patch level 55 (compile date February 10, 2006) and R3load 7.00 patch level 10 (compile date February 10, 2006), R3load automatically ensures that table clusters are exported in sorted order during a code page conversion.

I request you guys to shed some light on this topic.