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Static attribute properties


using the config object /BOBF/IF_FRW_CONFIGURATION I'd like to access the static attribute properties defined for a particular node, i.e. whether an attribute is enabled, mandatory etc. However, I can't find a suitable method providing the data. Method GET_NODE only returns a list of the attributes ( /BOBF/S_CONFRO_NODE-FIELD_NAMES) but not their properties. Do I miss something?

Thx for any advice,


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2 Answers

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    Oct 22, 2015 at 09:56 AM

    Hi Ulli,

    are you interested in knowing which are the properties which apply to an instance or in knowing which properties are static properties?

    Using /bobf/if_frw_configuration, you can obtain the information about the designtime configuration of the business object. This includes the static properties among others.

    If you are interested in knowing which attributes of a BO instance (precidesly of a node instance) are enabled, you have to use the method retrieve_properties of the service manager (/bobf/if_tra_service_manager). This will not tell you which of those properties have been defined statically, but for the actual consumer this doesn't matter anyway.

    But as static properties apply to all instances, you can combine those two methods if you really need to know which properties are static and which ones have been determined using a property determination.

    Did that answer your question?



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  • Oct 20, 2015 at 07:35 PM

    Hi Ulli,

    In /BOBF/IF_FRW_CONFIGURATION has method called GET_PROPERTY which will return static property details. Exporting parameter of this method holds property name and its value for each attribute whereas 'PROPERTY_NAME' denotes the Mandatory(M), Enabled(E), Read Only(R) etc.

    And also, /BOBF/IF_FRW_PROPERTY is the interface which deals with the property object of each Business object. In that interface, GET_PROPERTY is the method which will return all the property details. Exporting parameter of the method holds the information about the property name and its value for each attribute in the business object.



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    • Hello Dhivya,

      thanks for your reply. When I looked for a solution before, I came across method GET_PROPERTY as well. However, the method seems to return only the defined node action, an association and the node key for the particular node category (see screenshot). All the defined attributes and their properties are missing. Not sure whether this is a bug in BOPF or not.