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Extraction from C4C to BW


I have some questions regarding sending data from C4C to BW.



And some master data.


1. Best practice to extract data from C4C to BW

  1. How to extract delta data
  2. How to load full data (40000/day, about 10m/year)
  3. Can PI be used for sending data from C4C to BW, then how to extract delta, how to load full data
  • --> in the interface policy of my customer, they want to use PI as much as possible

2.    Enhance the datasource in C4C (add fields in the datasource and include logic to fill the value in those fields).

In my research, the standard way is to extract via ODP ByD datasource in BW and then I think it is necessary to filter the value in Infopackge in BW for "delta" extraction (the field for handling delta is necessary e.g. updated date).

I am not sure if C4C can push data from this datasource, then I think PI can be used to send data in BW. (BW have web service datasource in which FM and web service is created to post the data to this datasource (push)). But if push is not possible in this datasoure, I am not sure PI can be used, or it is not too ineffective to use PI here. (I don't know, but I think too ineffective)

Kind regards,


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3 Answers

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    Oct 20, 2015 at 08:31 PM


    The points of my questtions have been

    - Delta

    - Full load (but 12min is max time and 2GB is max size according to the note 1711421.

    - enhancement of the datasource (add fields)

    Regarding delta, afte discussing with PI expert, I understand "push" from C4C is not an option, so PI cannot be used as dynamic filtering when extracting from C4C to PI is not promising. So the possible way for "delta upload" is to extract to ODP ByD datasource in BW with infopackage in which the data to be extracted is filtered with the value which can be chnaged dynamically (handled by ABAP coding in Infopackage). e.g. filtering value of last update date = sy-datum - 1.

    receiving duplicatd data is not problematic in BW because data is overwritten in DSO, if data in datasource has keys.

    Regarding full upload, the only way might be to split the Infopakage with different filtering value. if you have other better solution, I would be happy if you share.

    Regarding delta extraction, which field is the best for filtering for delta extraction in the datasoruce CRMSRQHB? And How it should be filtered?

    I don't know this datasource, but does it has the appropriate field like last updated date?

    In ERP, some table has "created on", "updated on", and when a new entry is created, value of "updated on" is not filled. Then infopackage must be created, for "created on", and for "updated on"

    But if filtering value is practically mandatory for extracting data from C4C, the field like time stamp should be included on every datasource.)

    And Are there some info on the datasource like CRMSRQHB? in normal BW business contents, the web pages regarding the datasource has been published, and I expect the similar one.

    Anyway, delta upload, full upload, and enhancement of the fields are so typical requirements that I expect the documents like HTG has been released for penatrating good practice to the customers.

    Kind regards,


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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi there,

      When creating the communication arrangement for Analytics Integration (C4C to BW transfer), only an inbound communication is created. Is this always the case for this scenario and all we need to extract data from C4C to BW? Other scenarios have both inbound and outbound communication ( BP Replication ...).


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    Former Member
    Oct 20, 2015 at 04:05 PM

    Hi Masa,

    There is another post that describes the various options you have to get data out of C4C and into a data warehouse here...

    Few options..

    1. You can do your reporting and analytics in C4C using the C4C Analytics. This keeps it simple since you dont have to move data anywhere and deal with the headaches of maintaining ETL jobs to get data out of C4C and into your data warehouse platform of choice. The CRMSRQHB is a C4C datasource and contains all of the ticket data in C4C.

    2. You can do you reporting and analytics in an external data warehouse such as BW.

    You have to think of C4C is just another source of data and you have setup an ETL job to get data out of C4C.

    C4C has the following to get data out for analytics

    1. REST oDATA APIs

    2. SOAP APIs

    3. CSV/excel spread sheets (this would be a manual effort for a user to use the C4C analytics to download the data to excel)

    4. BW ODP datasource (only works with BW and is a "pull" scenario where BW pulls C4C data out)

    You will need to "pull" data out of C4C using these techniques above.

    The CRMSRQHB datasource, as well as any C4C datasource cannot push data out. It is meant to get data in (meaning it is an in-memory data cube representing data to be reported on in C4C Analytics)


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  • Oct 20, 2015 at 06:14 PM
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