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Oct 19, 2015 at 12:28 PM

Handling Unit creation using RHUWM_INITIAL_LOAD.


Hi Gurus,

I am trying to create Handling Units using the SAP standard program RHUWM_INITIAL_LOAD.

This program takes the input from logical files in the structure of RHUWM (DDIC Structure).

I am getting a data file of this structure type, to be used in this program and create Handling units in SAP.

In my file in a single row I am getting header and Item data. (Every header has single item)

As per my understanding (correct me if I am wrong), this program takes header and item separately. For header ITEM_TYPE = 'H' and for item ITEM_TYPE = '1' (i am passing this value); this way the program identifies record is header or item.

There are two more fields used as unique combination to create message logs: 'TOP_INDENT' and 'LINE'. I am not sure about these two field values, I using some dummy values (can you suggest me something on this too).

Now, I am unable to create any HU in this way. In the best case, I found a record which says to be created but not posted. Please consider the screen shot below:

I am novice at handling unit functional knowledge. Please let me know if my approach is correct or wrong.

Thanks in Advance..

- Supriyo


hu.jpg (49.9 kB)