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Oct 18, 2015 at 01:52 AM

Migration SAP system - Export optimization



I´m doing a migration/heterogeneous system copy... but I´m facing one big problem. This is a BW system with size of 3TB running on Windows Server 2012 with database MS SQL Server. The problem is the export database time using the SWPM tool.

I already did two tests, the first one I performed the export database without any other options/methods and it takes 99 hours (~4 days) which is a lot of time!

We need to reduce this export database time! I read the system copy guide and with that information and other information that I read in some SCN blogs, I performed the second test using the table splitting method! I split some big tables, for example, I split the biggest table in the BW system, with 650 Gb, in 175 parts! The server contains 20 CPU's therefore I set 80 R3load parallel jobs! It takes 75 hours (~3 days). Unfortunately it is still long time! 😔

The following image was taken during this last test (split tables test):

I need to perform this database export in 1 day! It´s possible? I believe it is possible because I already read some SCN posts like the following one where someone describe that he export one database with 9TB in 18 hours!!!

But how it´s possible?! Can you give me please your opinion, your experience and your vision in how to optimize the database exportation!?

I really need to minimizing the downtime of this migration.

Please give me some tips.

Best regards,

João Dimas


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