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Migration SAP system - Export optimization


I´m doing a migration/heterogeneous system copy... but I´m facing one big problem. This is a BW system with size of 3TB running on Windows Server 2012 with database MS SQL Server. The problem is the export database time using the SWPM tool.

I already did two tests, the first one I performed the export database without any other options/methods and it takes 99 hours (~4 days) which is a lot of time!

We need to reduce this export database time! I read the system copy guide and with that information and other information that I read in some SCN blogs, I performed the second test using the table splitting method! I split some big tables, for example, I split the biggest table in the BW system, with 650 Gb, in 175 parts! The server contains 20 CPU's therefore I set 80 R3load parallel jobs! It takes 75 hours (~3 days). Unfortunately it is still long time! 😔

The following image was taken during this last test (split tables test):

I need to perform this database export in 1 day! It´s possible? I believe it is possible because I already read some SCN posts like the following one where someone describe that he export one database with 9TB in 18 hours!!!

But how it´s possible?! Can you give me please your opinion, your experience and your vision in how to optimize the database exportation!?

I really need to minimizing the downtime of this migration.

Please give me some tips.

Best regards,

João Dimas

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Oct 19, 2015 at 07:57 AM

    Hello João,

    You already have the answers in the link shared by you. Try all the steps there which also includes having latest migration tools. See if there is a possibility to increase the hardware resources as well.


    Best Regards,


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    • Former Member João Dimas

      Hello João,

      This is indeed strange and I wish I had the answers to your glaring WHYs! 😊

      I'm hoping an SAP Note could be the solution or maybe not.

      I found the following details in SAP System Copy Guide which is why I would advise you to log an incident with SAP as well.

      Table Splitting

      For copying large ABAP tables, the tool R3ta has been developed to automatically generate WHERE conditions, with which a subset of table data can be accessed. These WHERE conditions are integrated into the R3load TSK files. Using WHERE conditions may not be optimal for every database management system and therefore has to be considered carefully.


      As the usage of WHERE conditions requires a lot of experience and many manual steps and because there are still some problems not yet solved, we cannot release this feature generally.

      You may use the feature WHERE conditions and the tool R3ta and in many cases it will work without problems, but if you run into problems, you cannot claim for support or an immediate fix of the problem. Nevertheless, we welcome any feedback which helps us to improve the tools.

      The generated WHERE conditions should not cover more than one column. If R3ta calculated conditions with more columns, run the tool again with different row-count parameters.

      If you decide to create WHERE conditions manually (without the R3ta tool), you must be aware of the fact, that a badly chosen WHERE condition can increase the total table processing time a lot.

      In addition, the consultant takes over the responsibility for the completeness of the data!

      You can often reduce the export time of a table which is processed with WHERE conditions if you create a (temporary) additional index on the column used within the WHERE condition.


      Best Regards,