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Oct 17, 2015 at 02:07 PM

Price Difference in MT 562 V/S 561


Hello All,

We have to some changes in material master. for that first we have do the stock Nil in Material master, do the changes then reload the stock.

To do the stock Nil we are using 562 MT, While doing this system is checking more than 2 decimal values (of MAP). So this price exactly matches with our "Total Value" showing in material Master. After that we are reloading the data with MT 561 then system consider MAP with only 2 decimal (rounded at 2 decimal). Because of this there is mismatch in FI entry at 562 & 561.

For eg

Total value of Material before doing 562 is 10000.05 & MAP price is showing in material master is 100 with stock 100 Qty. While doing 562 FI entry posted with 10,000.05.

Then after doing some changes we are loading the data with MT 561 this time FI entry posted with 10,000 (100 Stock * 100 MAP)

We want to post Total value with 10,000.05 how should we do this. We are using Tcode MB1C.