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Feb 09, 2006 at 09:08 PM

NW2004s upgrade - Java addition - HELP!


I have a WebAs 620 system that was upgraded to NW2004s. While adding a Java addin I kept encountering issues and finally found a note that stated an add in on an upgraded system is not supported, SAP suggests you use a standalone. I am installing a Standalone from the NW2004s master CD. During the final phase (the central install) I get the errors

Clicked OK to xml file and the sapinst failed with two errors:

FJS-00003 TypeError: strm has no properties (in script Installationscript_176 line 29307: ???)


FCO-00011 The step OraFillListenerTable with step key..........OraFillListenerTable was

executed with status error.

I can find no notes on this at all.

My sapinst versin is 701 build 775873

Any ideas?