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Oct 16, 2015 at 08:01 PM

A/P Service Invoice User Defined Value Setup Query?


Scenario/Issue example: A/P Service Invoice

Accounting person adds (Price = .2525) and (Qty = 3) correct output should be $.76 but the Query gives $.75 output.

--A/P Service Invoice User Defined Value-Setup Query for "Total (LC)" based on the Price * Quantity--

Select $[pch1.u_svcqty.number] * $[pch1.u_svcprice.number]

See image for example...

It did Calculate correct in B1 8.8 using SQL 2005.

We upgraded to B1 9.1 and using SQL 2012 and now it is not working.

Is there an easy edit to the Query or is this a setting in B1?

Did try a few different queries, including rounding...

It is not picking up the .2525 I entered on the B1 “Price” column, what it seems like is B1 converts/rounds it before it reaches the query to calculate on "Total (LC)".

Any help or advice would be appreciated.