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Oct 16, 2015 at 07:59 PM



Hi Gurus,

Our customer has needs to update the EKKO-SUBMI field from SAP ERP with the information that comes from SAP SRM. We contact SAP Support and working with them we realize that the BAPI that creates the PO in ERP contains that field and the information, sadly in the ERP when PO is created it dont receive this field infromation, so it does not get filled.

We were thinking in create a job in both system in order t download alll the information from SRM and update in ERP tht specific field trought BAPI's. The problem:

1.- We dont have any clue on how to identify a comun field in both systems in order to identify every PO in ERP and updates those correct.

2.- Is there an key field in both systems that shares the same number in order to indentify themselfes?

3.- We use 'RV_ORDER_FLOW_INFORMATION' in ERP but we dont get any history of that PO that comes from SRM.

Standard way there is no way to do it, and enhace the standard code in SRM and ERP it not an option, they want a batch update process that download and upload information in both systems.

Please any ights in this issue will be helpfully as can not imagine.