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Please i want to write the certification exam on sap mm(procurement)

Good afternoon certified mm consultant.Please i want to write the certification exam on sap mm(procurement) i have been reading a study material for the exam. Can you please advice me on the best way to prepare for the exam.Again the material is very bulky and you really can't predict were your question is coming from. Help me please . eventhough am preparing for the exam . i am a little bit tensed .

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    Posted on Oct 19, 2015 at 02:07 PM


    Hope the following blog would be handy for you.

    How to Approach and Pass a SAP Certification

    The curriculum materials looks bulky when you look at them first time. But, if you read them three or four times, you feel like that really lighter in content. Please note this SAP Certification is not a test for your memory, but it is a test for your conceptual understanding.

    Therefore, rather than remembering something blindly, you may need to understand the concepts. You will find number of diagrams, graphs within the materials. Please do not leave them like a diagrams, you need to analyse and think about those diagrams in your own words, you will find lot of answers to your questions.

    Always try to prepare your own notes. Important points, tips etc. given on the materials are to be noted in a note book, which could be handy before exam to revise.

    Always try to identify the wrong answers first in the exam. Then you will end up finding the correct answers.

    Read the curriculum books religiously as many times as possible

    Hope this helps and all the best.

    Kind Regards,


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    • Hi Oghenetega,

      The main crux of passing the SAP Certification is not just identifying the wrong and write answers. Most of the candidates tend to remember the answers blindly.

      When you ready a question and there are 5 answers, the important thing is to read the question carefully, as you find lot of confusing words, greater than, less than, often, must, only, and, or, can be, must be etc. They makes lot of difference.

      When you select an answer as YES, you must know the reason for Yes and why it is not NO

      When you select an answer as NO, you must know the reason for NO and why it is not YES

      Every statement must be analyzed in its own spirits and justify the logic behind selecting the answers. Then if you follow this approach, you would never forget the concepts and even after few years, the concepts remain strong. Please do not just try to remember yes or no. They would not be any useful.

      Kind Regards,


      PS: Please do NOT waste money on any sample questions from the bogus websites, they are no good. The questions in Certification are at different language and quality level.

  • Posted on Oct 19, 2015 at 03:52 PM

    Hi Friend...

    Welcome to SCN, and best wishes in advance for the successful completion of SAP Application Associate in latest version of SAP ERP ECC6.0.

    Hope you have been going through the certification materials including every Symbols/Flowcharts/Hints etc, keep going since to succeed in certification.. Go through it at-least 5 times or more till you secure a confidence to take up, along with preparing own notes to revise it before the exam schedule.please refer the great document that is attached in earlier message from our' Guru- Ravi Sankar Venna, its simply beauty.

    Once you certified,Keep moving with same confidence when it comes to interview & real time working field, it will be quite different from what you learnt in certification materials.

    " Practice makes perfect", so attending interviews will make you more comfort for its success percentage.

    By side, read the articles, tickets, common error's facing by working people here in SCN, that will boost up your interest of learning..

    Good Luck...



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