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UOM mismatch in ECC and EWM


I have an issue which goes like this:

Step1: Product A created in ECC with Based UOM EA and Alt. UOM as FT where 1FT = 1EA. Maintained the conversion in Additional Data in Mat. Master.

Step2: Product A is CIF'ed to EWM and now it is present in EWM system as well with Base UOM as EA.

Step3: Now, one of the person changed Base UOM from EA to FT in ECC and created a Purchase Order, Inbound Delivery.

FYI: Unfortunately, changes to Base UOM from EA to FT didn't get updated in EWM Product Master.

Step4: Inbound delivery created in Step3 was distributed to EWM and Putaway and GR was done in EWM system and stock updated in Warehouse Monitor with UOM of EA.

Step5: We see that Inbound queue carrying GR data from EWM to ECC was stuck in ECC with error:

"Specifications for units and quantities contain errors ITEM_DATA_SPL-BASE_UOM EA LIPS-MEINS FT"

Step6: The reason for the error being UOM in ECC is FT where as it is EA in EWM.

May I know how do we resolve this error and have GR posted in ECC PO?

These are the steps I tried to resolve the issue but nothing worked out.

1) Tried changing Base UOM from EA to FT in EWM Product Master, but system didn't allow it since there was stock available for the Product.

2) Scrapped the stock in EWM system by /SCWM/ADGI and later tried to change the Base UOM. But system didn't allow doing it, telling the open stock exists. In reality, there was no stock shown in Monitor.

3) Created similar Material in ECC with correct Base UOM. I cannot do Mat - Mat transfer in ECC as there is no stock, since GR was not posted from EWM to ECC. I tried doing Mat - Mat transfer in EWM, but I wasn't able to find a way to do it. Tried in /SCWM/ADPROD or /SCWM/POST, but in both these are not for Mat - Mat. transfer.

Please check and advise ways to resolve this error.

Thanks in advance for your help


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2 Answers

  • Oct 16, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    Hello Pavan,

    Did you check tcode: /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK - Stock Comparison ERP ? Base uom change is forbidden if you have stock or open documents(delivery, EGR document, warehouse task, etc..).

    I would try reversing material master at ERP(change uom to EA). First solve the issue stuck at ERP, then you can begin uom conversion.

    Best regards


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    • Hi Serhan,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I checked /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK - Stock Comparison ERP and find Product A in it.

      Regarding, reversing Mat. Master at ERP (Change UOM to EA), I don't think this will work, as we have open Purchase Order and Inbound Delivery. Unless, we delete them, we will not be able to change Base UOM in ERP Mat. Master.

      Please check and advise if I am missing something.



  • Oct 17, 2015 at 09:51 AM

    Hi Pavan,

    Not sure which SAP EWM version you are using, but now in 9.02 you can reverse the GR material document from ECC and then process in EWM to cancel the Inbound delivery.

    Try to reverse your ad-hoc goods issue and once the stock available then try to cancel the original GR. I am not sure this will really work. but give a try.

    Also, always make sure your integration model always active for the material to avoid this kind of situations in production environment. I hope you are checking in test environment.



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    • Hi Sandip,

      Thanks for your reply. We are in 9.1 version. I am afraid we cannot reverse GR in ECC, since GR was not updated in ECC PO (Purchase Order) as inbound queue carrying GR details from EWM to ECC was stuck with error which was mentioned by me in the question.

      Yes, I am checking this in Test environment.

      Can you check and advise if there is some other solution through which we can rectify this issue?

      Thank you,