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Oct 15, 2015 at 04:00 PM

No automatic Login in Web Dynpro from SAP GUI



in one of our dev systems we have a problem, that we get a login page, if we run an Web Dynpro application like SOAMANAGER from within the SAP GUI. It's strange, because this problem only occurs in one client. In all other clients of this system we are automatically logged in, if we run an Web Dynpro Application from the SAP GUI.

It's a ERP 606 system on NetWeaver 7.03. Since the enterprise portal connected to this client does work without problems, Single Sign On should be working fine too. If SSO is connected to this problem at all.

So far i searched for topics, which discussed the automatic login in Web Dynpro applications, but i didn't found anything, that could explain what configuration has to be done, to get the automatic login working. Nether did i found out, what configuration could prevent this from working.

Did someone had a similar problem and could point me to a possible solution or keywords for another search?