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Redwood Job stuck running every 20 seconds

Hi All:

         We have a job in our production redwood box running every 20 seconds. We cannot kill, or cancel it.  Every 20 seconds it restarts and creates a new jobid.  It leads to an out of memory error, eventually redwood crashes again.   We would like to delete this job in its entirety, but cannot.. 

Does anyone know how to get this job to stop running in its loop long enough to delete it entirely? We can't even determine the origins of this job.

I have read that some have used a submit System_ForceJobStatusUnknown using script, but I am not good with scripting.  Would anyone out there be able to help me set up a script and correct parameters that would give us the new job id, and set status to unknown for each new id created ? Maybe that would enable us to delete it ? I'm just spinning my wheels here, cause we are out of idea's



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2 Answers

  • Oct 15, 2015 at 04:04 PM


    1. If that job is triggered from another job, filter for all the scheduled jobs in the job monitor and check which job is running every 20 seconds. If any job is submitting this job, right click and cancel it.

    2. Check the parent chain of the job, you can find it in the job details pane in Related objects and cancel it. Drill down to check the parent job and cancel it. Please see below screenshot.

    3. Submit the job 'System_ForceJobStatusUnknown' with the job id. For example, if you want to set the job 'Inbound_interface_Monitor_D' to unknown, submit the job 'System_ForceJobStatusUnknown' with the  job id is 1234609 to put it into unknown status.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Lohit:

      Thanks for the reply.  We have been able to set status to unknown, but a new ID and process is created right away before we have a chance to do anything else.

      We have deleted the program name from the sap_AbapRun portion of the job, and have also deleted the entire SAP_AbapRun step from the job itself.   Yet still the job persists and is still executing the SAP_AbapRun portion... Where it is running from? We are baffled to how this is still happening.

      It's like it is locked into memory somewhere and it is continuously run from there.



  • Oct 15, 2015 at 05:50 PM
    1. Is this is scheduled from Redwood? or is intercepted from SAP?
    2. Did some one schedule it with submit frame (frequency) of 20 seconds? or
    3. is the restart behavior set on the job that is causing it?

    You don't need to script anything.

    • First recommendation is to hold the queue in which this job is running. This will put the next run of the job into Queue held status.
    • If your answer for Q2. above is yes, then right click and select "cancel" option
    • If your answer for Q3 above is yes, then run the System_ForceJobStatusUnknown and provide the job id of the job in Queue held status. This will force the job to unknown status.
      • Edit the job definition and modify the restart behaviour to default behviour.



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    • Why do you mention SAP_ABAPRUN?

      The job is running for the definitions Inbound_Interface_Monitor_D.

      • Did you right click that job definition and cancel the non-final state jobs?
      • Did you edit the restart behavior of that job?