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Oct 15, 2015 at 07:20 AM

PO 7.4, Single Stck: Migration WS-RM Adpater from 7.31 DS



I've been through a lot of Docs on the SCN and seem to have lost track completely.

We have the following Setup:

We are currently having a PI 7.31 Double Stack.

Using that, we provide Webservices to 3rd Party Systems using the ABAP based WS-Adapter.

Transport Protocol is HTTP, Message Protocol is WS.

Authentication in SAML 1.1 (Sender Vouches).

(RM: ist set to WS-RM 2005/09, Protocol WS-A)

The username, which the 3rd Party provides, is a Windows-AD Username, so either DOMAIN\USER oder USER@DOMAIN, which does

not exist in the PI.

This user is mapped to an existing SAP-Username (a technical user) in the ABAP-Stack using the USREXTID mechanism.

This Setup has to be transferred to a Java Only PO 7.4

A few Questions:

1. Which Adapter has to be used (SOAP) or WS_AAE The SAP built in Migration tool converted the WS-Channel to SOAP, but I am not sure if this is correct.

2. What are the recommended Settings for the required Adapter

3. How is that usermapping done on JAVA-Systems

Thanks for any help