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Page layout change for specific business roles - Issue

Feb 03, 2017 at 06:16 AM


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Hi all,

I have following requirement.

Create "Business Class" name field for X business roles in customer work center (Account). But it won't be visible for other business role. Other business role already assign with other page layout.

I tried following ways.

Try 1: Create one page layout and went into add new field but it did not show create new field option.

Try 2: Create new field with master layout and then went into page layout which i have created earlier. make that field mandatory. Then assign to X business role. Then again select master layout and hide that field. It had hide from that specific page layout too.

Thanks in advance



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2 Answers

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Jeevan Gowda Kunigal Nanjegowda
Feb 12 at 02:20 PM

Hi Vincent,

Could you please try creating another page layout and make the field visible only for BR1 and assign the new page layout only for BR1.

In case if you are not able to create/add field then please create an incident, which would be helpful in checking on this requirement.



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Jeevan Gowda Kunigal Nanjegowda
Feb 03, 2017 at 01:40 PM

Hi Vincent,

Assuming we have 5 business role namely: BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5. Wherein BR1 users are the one for whom field should be visible.

Please try the below steps,

1. Create the field "Business Class" in master layout.

2. Create a page layout (xyz) and hide the field.

3. Go to Assign matrix and assign BR1 with "Master layout" and for all other business roles (BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5.) who should not see the field assign the page layout xyz.

Hope this was helpful.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Jeevan

Thanks for detail reply, but unfortunatly in my case, BR2 has assigned to master layour and BR3, BR4, BR5 have assigned to other page layout already.

I wanted to visible that field for BR1 only.