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Oct 12, 2015 at 09:59 PM

SNP Deployment Push Distribution 'U' - User-defined BadI is not reading demands


Hi Experts,

We had implemented User-defined Push Distribution BadI (/SAPAPO/SDP_DISTR) for confirming the deployment stock transfers.

In the location-product master we had maintained Push Distribution "U" and Fair-Share Rule "X". When we run the test with Supply > Demand, the push distribution BadI has been called and the deployment run completed without any details (results). Please see the screenshot below.

When we run the tests in other scenario with Supply < Demand, the Fair-Share BadI has been called and the results were displayed according to our defined logic in this BadI.

Please share some information or help me with your suggestions to work with the Push Distribution user-defined BadI 'U'

Our requirement is to drop (not plan) few demand locations and plan rest of the demand locations using Push Distribution BadI to confirm deployment stock transfers. We had already created the custom fields needed for reading/dropping the location and/or location-product in the master data.

Thank you all for reading this post.