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Oct 12, 2015 at 07:38 AM

Parameter Passing issue with CBTA Composite Script


Hello ,

We have a critical issue with Composite Script.

We create Composite script with 13 child script and complete all message parameter passing, some time it run successfully 1 or 2 time. But after that for few of the child script (from 10th step) parameter passing is disappeared.

Here is a case where message at step 9 Script Z_VF01_TEST1 using input parameter as a output of first script SO_NO. And for this Z_VF01_TEST1 out put generated as INV_NO. Upto this level there is no issue. But while executing 10th Script Z_VF02_1 which require input parameter as INV_NO, parameter from reference para disappeared.

We require urgent help for this issue.

The only change we are doing before execution is we are changing MIRO script’s ref. document no. which should be unique for each execution, so we require to change it manually before each execution


Ashishkumar Banker


Comp_SCRIPT.JPG (44.1 kB)
MIRO.JPG (72.2 kB)