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Oct 11, 2015 at 11:59 PM

DocuSign Integration with CLM


Hi Experts,

I understand there is a standard integration of DocuSign with CLM from 10.0 SP8 onwards. I am trying to understand a few aspects around this.

1. How does DocuSign integration compare with EchoSign integration with CLM? Are there any pros and cons?

2. I understand that additional licenses would have to be procured from EchoSign for use with CLM. Would there be a similar licensing to be done with DocuSign as well to integrate with CLM? I read something about SAP Signature Management Solution for Procurement where SAP resells DocuSign licenses? I am unsure however if this is for Ariba or CLM. Any pointers on this?

3. Is my understanding that standard DocuSign integration is available from 10.0 SP8 correct? Is there a date we know of the release of SP8?

4. Is there any documentation on the process to enable integration with DocuSign and understand the capabilities limitations and reports available with the same?

Appreciate any inputs.

Thanks & Regards,


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