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Oct 11, 2015 at 10:39 PM

Is it possible to have 4 levels on C4C Service Categories for fault identification on a service ticket ?



While I was trying to set up a Service category catalog in our C4C demo environment, I found that setting it up was quite similar to how the categorization schema set up was in CRM onPremise Web UI. So I was able to set the categories on different levels( nesting) in C4C admin center.

However, I do not see an option to tell the system that I want it in hierarchical manner etc. Moreover, while setting up the nested categories ( same level->next level->same level->next level kind of thing), for every next level, system took it as a 'Incident' type - That is still OK for the second level I guess but not for the further nesting in my case, still, I went ahead and maintain a 4 level categorization. Something like below:














On service ticket, I expected that I will get 4 dropdowns list boxes for categorization ( similar to onPremise Service req. web ui )

Categorization 1 list dropdown will show option A, B, C.

If A is chosen then second list will show A1, A2. If A2 is chosen, then 3rd list will show A21, A22, A23 and if A23 is chosen then 4th list will show A231 to A233 option.

But in reality,

since all the first level goes as Process ( which is correct from service scenario point of view) & all the next level are by default go to type Incident ( which I am not happy about), I get a big list in Incident part of the ticket. I have an option to make the 4 levels as Process -> Incident->cause->resolution, because that is how C4C is asking me to set it up whereas my business scenario does not correspond that way and I need 4 levels of categorization to exactly locate the damage. ( so there is no point in putting cause and resolution categories in my case).

Is this expected behavior?

Also, If this is the case then will it not be a challange to integrate the C4C with an existing onPremise, where a customer may have 4 to 6 levels of categorization to identify a fault on the service ticket ?

Has anyone here faced similar problem Or Can propose a way to set up the categorization in the way suites to my scenario ?

Thank you for your time and looking forward to some interesting discussion here.

P.S. - I have already used the forum search to see if I can get some meaningful info before posting this question.