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Feb 09, 2006 at 10:47 AM

XLR generates empty reports


I've got a problem with the XL Reporter.

When I execute a report, it comes up empty. The layout and calculations are there, but no data.

When I test the selected dimension with the report composer, there is data. And with the SQL-profiles I see that the correct SQL statement is executed and when I try the SQL statement with SQL Manager, I get the correct results. But in Excel it's as if there are no results at all.

I've generated report definitions with excel and with the report composer wizard, both resulting in the exact same empty report.

I've tried to generate reports as simple as possible; just display the financial periods there are.

In the report composer, drag the Financial Period item into the Selected Dimensions field. Using the refresh report button I see there are results (200505, 200506, ... , 200601). Clicking the Generate Report button let's me enter a name, select the Execute Report radio button, etc.

But in Excel the resulting workbook has only the header in it, no data.

I've been wondering wether the right database is being queried, but the dashboard example does report some data (not much, but that could be cause by me using a sandbox database.)

Am I missing some vital setting somewhere?

(SBO 2004A, SQL server, Microsoft Office 2003, .net 1.1)