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Oct 09, 2015 at 04:52 PM

SECSTORE 089(“Key … for entry … is missing in the secure storage in the file system”)


Dear Experts,

We have Done our NW7.4 Gateway ABAP system DB Migration from Oracle 11.3 to MaxDB 7.9 on Solaris 5.10 OS, while performing post activities

we are getting the issue during Checking the ABAP Secure store phase.

While checking the secstore we are getting the issue as :Key … for entry … is missing in the secure storage in the file system”

So for the above Issue in the Inst Guide Solution as below:

SAP Help link:Importing Missing Encryption Keys - System Security - SAP Library

As per the above links we have tried , it is asking the Source system id Key value but unfortunately we don't have stored any key values of the source system.

In this case how we can proceed , is there any way to get the Source system key value, or else can we delete the source system key and generate the new key on target system as per generate option in Key management -> generate option in Secstore. if we do like this is there any other side effects will occur and any other things do we need to do.

Experts please suggest




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