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Oct 08, 2015 at 04:24 PM

Mobilink Error 10012


I get the following error when we have sporadic connection / sync issues.

I am able to fix this by resetting the value in the consolidated database to remote database value or below (usually make it 0) then it will finish syncing.

My problem is I may be missing some data at that point, but my only other fix is to reload the whole database

I have tried everything to trap for this event, I would like to be able to insert some logging so we can notify our support team when this happens.

It does not look like the handle_error event is even firing...

W. <18> [10012] The consolidated and remote databases disagree on when the last synchronization took place, the progress offsets are 99 in the consolidated database and 83 in the remote database. The remote is being asked to send a new upload that starts at the last known synchronization point

E. <18> [-10035] Download failed with client error -794

I have tried the following events

handle_error / handle_odbc_error events

{CALL ps_error_insert({ml s.action_code}, {ml s.error_code}, {ml s.error_message}, {ml s.username}, {ml s.table} )}

These events only seems to fire when I have an odbc / sql error .

I thought that this would fire for all errors...

end_synchronization event

Insert into SyncStatus(RemoteID,UserID,SyncStatus,ScriptVersion)

Values({ml s.remote_id},{ml s.username},{ml s.synchronization_ok},{ml s.script_version})

This event seems to only fire when i have a successful sync.

Where do i put this trap ?




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