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Feb 09, 2006 at 07:45 AM

logic required


Hi all,

My requirement is to create a dynamic internal table based on a internal table and period value.

For ex:

I have an internal table with following data.

MATNR       MENGE        GLTRP        AUART   
13319705    20000       26.0.2005     production order
13319705    25000       01.12.2005    planned order
13319705    25000       01.02.2006    planned order
13319705    20000       10.02.2006    planned order

I got the above data based on selection of date 09.02.2006

and period value '3'.

And this period value is dynamic it changes according to selection but maximum upto 12.

now i have to split the above internal table into 3 time slots like 09.02.2006, 10.02.2006, and 11.02.2006(bcoz the period value is 3 and selection date is 09.02.2006) if it is 2 then 09.02.2006, 10.02.2006 like that changes according to user selection.

now i should get new internal table like this :

date(as field name)09.02.2006 10.02.2006 11.02.2006

menge 0 20000 0-->this should be result

and i have to get remaining all fields also from the above internal table except the date and menge fields.

I hope it is clear.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards