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Oct 08, 2015 at 06:41 AM

PSA not updating for Unplanned GI for Production order


Hi All,

We have two kind of scenario

1. There is production order having BOM components and Material picked and staged in PSA and with MIGO/reservation we issue material to Production order. it is working fine because System update LIKP - PRVBE(PSA) in ecc side in outbound delivery and that flows to EWM to get the Goods movement BIN and its works fine.

2. There are some unplanned GI to this production order means it can be same material in BOM or different material. We use to issue with MIGO and MB1A with others and movement type 261.

The problem is that during this GI, System is not updating LIKP - PRVBE (PSA) and because we have one only document type in ECC and its corresponding EWM document type so we have to inactive /SCWM/PSA_DR_I in the incomplete Profile /SCWM/OUT_REQ_DLV_PP other wise system gives us errorProduction Supply Area is a required field.

Now any question that what needs to be done to pick PSA in LIKP - PRVBE for unplanned GI against a Production order because User have to give Movement BIN during GI in EWM side but if it comes with PSA as case 1 there is no User intervention and Goods is issued automatically as system will fetch Movement BIN from PSA.


Pardeep Malik