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Oct 06, 2015 at 09:01 PM

[SEGW] Create annotation for SmartTable


Hi All,

I want to play with the Smart control in UI5 especialy with the table. In my investigation I found that I need to drive the UI with Annotation stuff.

I found out the solution to add annotation into my Metadata file but it miss the VALUE property.

Here is what I get :

The property I have is LABEL but it seams that I need the property VALUE :

src: Step 5: Smart Filter Bar and Smart Table

When I try to modify my annotation (TCode SEGW) I do not have that property :

So my question is how to set VALUE property ?



segw_issue_01.png (10.3 kB)
segw_issue_02.png (18.8 kB)
segw_issue_03.png (14.1 kB)