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Feb 08, 2006 at 11:10 PM



I greatly appreciate feedback if anyone has an insight on question below.

In some R3 transactions there is a download button that when clicked it brings up file system explorer that allows a user to choose a file. When a file is chosen, it is saved on R3 as attachment. Next if the user clicks on upload button it shows the list of attachments and when choosing an attachment it launches that file. For example if the file selected is of type text, it launches notepad displaying the text file..

Does anyone know how to accomplish this task from WebDynPro?

I think there must be a BAPI written to download or upload a file to R3 and then some WebDynPro RFC modeling and code to get/send the binary file to R3 and launch it. In case of an upload but do not know how to do it quite yet specially the Bapi side.

Thanks and Regards,