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Oct 02, 2015 at 05:50 PM

How to set colors and legend categories in Heat Maps


I have created a heat map. The initial colors set by Design Studio are light green to dark green. But the heat map displays a bunch of colors. It appears that I can set the legend categories on the properties tab by including them in brackets, like [-50,-25,0,25,50,100] but that does not work for me either.

I am currently running DS1.5 15.0.6. With Microsoft IE 9.0. Yes I am trying to get IT to upgrade for me!

But in Design Studio the display is not correct. I can change the legend title. DS displays the colors in RED (good) to Blue (bad) while on the right side (of the screen print below) you can see the default light green to dark green is set by DS when it inserts a heat map chart type.

I am assuming the Start color would be the lowest value and the End color would be the highest.

I also tried to set the categories to [-2,000,000, -1,500,000, etc ] I include the comma as zero separators here for readability.

I can agree that the displaying of the application may be related to my IE9.0 but I would expect DS to display the desired colors inside DS.

Has anyone run into this and can show me the errors of my ways?


Jim Vaillancourt