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Oct 01, 2015 at 05:19 PM

How to put multiple dimension fields one under another without losing data in Webi



I am creating a report called Root cause Summary report. This report should take values of multiple root causes and get a count of all the incidents that has any of the root causes associated with it. Basicall all the data is coming from a Universe used in Webi as below:

Root Cause 1 | Root Cause 2 | Root Cuase 3 | Root Cause 4|

I want to be able to put these root causes one under the other so I get all the root cause into One column and then put a variable for count to get the top 10 root causes.

I tried using the Formula variable Root cause 1 + Root cause 2+ Root case 3+ Root Cause 4 to create just one column but unfortunately in many instances I get a cocantenation of root causes which I do not want. I want each root cause to show on the report on individual line and then its summary count .

If I put the individual fields of root cause one under another still the count does not work as it counts each of the root cause separately and then the count messes. Merging the 4 root causes also causes issue , gives me a message "The selected cells contain multiple values. Merging will keep the contents of the first selected cell only. Merge anyway?" which I do not want as I want all the data in my summary count.

Can anyone suggest me how to handle this situation to be able to generate a Root cause summary report with out loss of data and all rootcasues in just one column???

Help will be greatly appreciated.