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User company field in ARQ

Hello colleagues,

Does anyone know which structures and tables are involved in ARQ and stores user company address?

I'm looking for a solution how to set an approver on a certain stage for users with different company codes.

For example,

UserA from LA - ApproverA

UserB from NY - ApproverB

UserC from NY - ApproverB

What I've found:

GRAC_S_REQUSERADR - structure discribing all users' parameters

GRACREQUSERADR - table containing information about user's parameters in requests



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2 Answers

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    Oct 01, 2015 at 02:35 PM

    Dear Artem,

    as far as I know the system retrieves the company based on the SU01 parameters (Company field from Address tab). Since I am short on time please check the method CL_GRAC_ACCESS_REQUEST_CONFIG->GET_COMPANY_FOR_USER.

    Let me know.



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    • Hi Alessandro,

      Thank you for reply!

      Seems that this class takes address data from GRC, but not a user.

      Unfortunately, I know how to check whether GRAC_S_REQUSERADR and GRACREQUSERADR can be used in BRFplus functions for analyzing Company code of a user, or I should use other tables/structures...



  • Oct 02, 2015 at 10:57 AM

    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know which structures and tables might be used for BRF+ function.

    I'm trying to make a function similar to generated by default one (using GRFNMW_DEV_RULES). By default it provides us with the following structures and tables:

    GRAC_S_REQUEST_RULE_HEADERRequest HeaderStructureGRAC_T_REQUEST_RULE_LINETable type for Request RULE Line ItemsTableGRFN_MW_S_AGENT_IDResult - Agent RuleStructure

    and GRFN_MW_T_AGENT_ID as result data object.

    In fact there are more:










    I try to create function with GRAC_S_REQUSERADR, but I don't know whether it's involved in ARQ or not. How can I be sure that is involved in ARQ?

    I've created a function, and it passes tests, but within a request it doesn't return me needed results.



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    • Thank you Plaban for your comment. I made my BRF+ function similar to that you described.

      My functions based on the following logic:

      DBlookup selects entries into a table from GRACREQUSERADR by Req_ID

      For each entry in the table using decision table determines approver by company

      Give the result to result object of the function.

      And it works fine but not in the MSMP.