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Oct 01, 2015 at 02:58 AM

Error 1204


Dear Experts,

Recently we came across an error 1204 with severity 17, state as 2 and with the description as "ASE has run out of locks. Re-run your command when there are few active users, or contact SA to reconfigure the ASE with more locks"

Can any one explain me why we have received this error even though we are having a handsome number of locks available and also the percentage of locks that are active is less than 1%?

Output of sp_monitorconfig 'locks' below pertaining to our environment,

1> sp_monitorconfig 'locks'

2> go

Usage information at date and time: Sep 30 2015 7:32AM.

Name Num_free Num_active Pct_act Max_Used Reuse_cnt Instance_Name

------------------------- ----------- ----------- ------- ----------- ----------- ------------------------------

number of locks 14991870 8130 0.05 15000000 0 NULL

(1 row affected)

(return status = 0)


Dilip Voora