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Sep 30, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Load (DTP) taking over 6h to start


Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble with BW loads. The DTPs are taking over 6 hours to start. Once they start, then each package goes really quickly, in a few seconds. The trouble is the first package. I have searched high and low for anything like this and haven't been able to find an explanation. I have included an example below, but this is happening to most DTPs. Not all of them have start routines or such things that could explain this slow process. Also, from what I gathered from the users, these loads happened normally up until a couple of months ago. Basis team has run checks and believes the system to be normal. I have checked indexes for the cubes involved and everything seems to be working fine. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 😊


Load-Problems.png (124.9 kB)