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Sep 28, 2015 at 05:53 AM

Issues while Scheduling CBTA test scripts in Foreground



System details:

Solution Manager: 7.1 SP12

Managed system (SUT): ECC Quality

Test Script: Recorded using CBTA

Currently we have setup CBTA and have recorded few Test Scripts, the setup is fine and we are able to execute CBTA test scripts from tester worklist.

Here we are trying to schedule the CBTA Test Script from the same desktop where were have SolMan and Managed system connectivity as well as the complete setup with CBTA Frontend installed in the same machine

CBTA Functionality of Recording and Execution is working fine. We have also created composite Test Scripts which includes CBTA test scripts for E2E Testing.

Below steps are followed:

  1. SolMan User is registered in STPFE- eCATT Foreground Scheduler and activated testing for this user
  2. CBTA Test Scripts are scheduled from the Tester worklist using the same user for which the foreground scheduling is activated. We tried scheduling Composite Test Scripts also but still the issue remains the same !
  3. Below is the job RSTWB_BATCH_EXECUTE that gets released and immediately gets finished.
  4. Job log shows below error The SolMan Login RFC SM_<Solman SID>CLNT<Client number>_LOGIN shows name and password as incorrect
  5. We have checked the SolMan Login RFC and found that it is working fine, just that it asks for a password when we tried Remote Logon


SolMan Login RFC details:

Kindly help us to resolve the issue since it is very critical.

Best Regards,

Kavita Meswani