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Endless Loop of Hana Systems View

Greetings Experts,

I am stuck in an endless loop of the Hana Studio The Systems View behaving very strangely.  There is a phantom Systems View that keeps appearing that I can't get rid of, and every time I loop back to the real Systems View, every click opens the phantom view.  I tried re-installing Hana, but the problem still exists.  The wonkiness started a few weeks ago, but seems to have escalated to where I can't actually access any of the Content.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Opening view, 2 Systems Views.  Let's close the phantom one.


So far so good.  Let's open DHA.


Oops, after 1 drilldown, the phantom is back.  Let's close it again (workspace is at a premium, you know).


Uh oh.  Now I only have the phantom.  There is no close option, so let's minimize it.


Looks pretty good, let's restore it now.


Uh oh.  We're back to the same phantom window again.  This is truly an endless loop, the true systems view never comes back.  Let's minimize again...


... and click on Systems instead.


Oh wow, this is not good.  The phantom is back, and curiously, it's overlapping the Quick Launch screen.  Let's hit Restore and see if we can at least get it docked properly.


Oh great, we're back to the real Systems View along with the Phantom.


Even when I get to the point of having the phantom window closed and able to actually use the Systems View, the minute I toggle off the screen in anyway, the phantom comes back and I have to repeat the whole process.

I have searched forums and the like for the better part of 2 days, I have not found any user experience or documentation that explains this behavior.  I am appealing to your kindness to help me.  Thank you so much.

hana1.png (6.7 kB)
hana2.png (16.4 kB)
hana.png (5.2 kB)
hana.png (6.7 kB)
hana.png (5.6 kB)
hana.png (6.2 kB)
hana.png (6.5 kB)
hana.png (16.3 kB)
hana.png (12.1 kB)
hana.png (34.7 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Sep 25, 2015 at 05:54 PM


    If I understood this correctly you're just facing a perspective issue. Maybe an additional System View was added accidentally.

    Just try resetting your perspective to default. This can be done by Menu "Window -> Reset Perspective..."


    Lucas de Oliveira

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    Sep 25, 2015 at 08:45 PM

    Hi Karen,

    This does not seem to be a common issue for everyone

    Instead of troubleshooting it and loosing the time can you try the latest version of the HANA Studio?

    That could be a useful option


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