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Sep 23, 2015 at 02:49 PM

Waiting time 0EC_PCA_3 and FAGL_BW_DELTASAFE_SET


Hi all.

we have the requirement to enable the extraction of the latest booking via ECPCA close to an on time speed Level.

There is the Note 1523670 with the prog FAGL_BW_DELTASAFE_SET.

I have been testing it on one of our developement Clients and it worked in a way that I have been able to set the uppler safty interval down to 300.

So good so fine, On the Quality System I have not been able anymore because of a Minimum of 3600 - which I though would only aply for datasources that require values for uppler and lower intval.

Does anybody have experience with that stuff.

  1. Are there other settings to bear in mind or is there no way arround teh 3600sec?
  2. SAP lists mainly the risk of different system times of multiple application Servers.
    This can be analyzed. If they are aligned, are there other risk or would it be save to change the parameter by a customized program down to 300sec.
  3. Did anybody found a feasible work arround such as working with a daily full load via 0EC_PCA_4

Thanks a lot for help.