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CIF issue for new materials

Hi experts,

I am facing error when doing CIF.

I have created CIF variants for relevant material and plants. Selected the required objects.

When I run 1st time the CIF was successful. Later I have added some materials and ran cif job.

Now old materials got deactivated and new materials are having active integration models.

So, I have to verify every time when I add new materials how many materials are considered in integration model. Once I go back to CFM1 screen and re run the integration model then all the materials are considered by IM.

We are running batch jobs and it is not possible to verify how many materials are considered for particualr IM.

Also in CFC9 settings I am using immediate transfer (2).

I do not think it is a standard behaviour. Is there any OSS note available for this behaviour or any specific setting required for CIF.

Please let me know. All ideas are welcome.



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3 Answers

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    Dec 31, 2015 at 07:31 AM


    Issue got resolved in September itself but I was not able to update it. The solution is, we should create seperate integration model for each object in CIF like, Materials 1 IM, Plants 1 IM and Orders: Sales 1 IM, POs 1 IM, Stocks 1 IM etc..

    Hope it will be useful.



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    Sep 23, 2015 at 11:57 AM

    HI BK

    check your variant is correctly saved with all necessary filter objectsbefore Generating and activating I model.



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  • Sep 23, 2015 at 02:06 PM

    Hi BK,

    Let's verify your IM generation and activation steps before looking for Notes.

    1. You created an Initial model with 10 materials (for example) in CFM1. (And Plant box checked)

    2. Save the IM and give it a variant name (so that you can find it later).

    3. Generate the IM.

    3. Activate the IM with CFM2 (or CFM3).

    4. Materials transferred - OK.

    5. Intention - add 4 new materials to material IM.

    6. In CFM1, load the original variant and add the specific materials, save the variant and generate.

       Or if you are using the filter criteria, just generate the IM again in CFM1.

    7. Activate the IM in CFM2 by selecting the new version of the IM and executing.

    8. You will end up with one IM activated for materials. All materials are included in the new IM.
    9. Check the details to the right of the activated, new version of the IM and you should see all desired materials included (including the originals).

    These are the manual steps. If you have set up a batch job stream, check the jobs. There should be no instance of using RCIFMDTE.

    If you are using filter criteria to pickup the new materials, then programs RIMODGEN and RIMODAC2 are run to give you the same
    results. Make sure there is only 1 active material IM when you have finished your batch run and check the details in CFM2.

    There should be no deletion steps in your job stream until you desire to delete the old, inactive models (important practice) with RIMODDEL.

    Otherwise check for user exits and customer code.

    Some of steps may not be exact due to failing long term memory but you get the idea.

    If you've checked all these basic steps, come back with another question.



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