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Sep 22, 2015 at 04:54 PM

I need help getting my BO 4.1 sp4 system to run


In talking with SAP support they suggested that I create a discussion here to get help from people who may have experienced the issues we are having, as SAP Support cannot help me.

In our production environment (well, it will be production if we can ever get it to work, we are two years in the roll-out process now) we have EIGHT Linux VM servers that are clustered with 32GB ram each for the BO application. We also have four WebLogic servers to handle the web processing.

We attempted to run a load test and it failed with less than 1/4 of the standard load of our 3.1 environment. Out of Memory.

The monitoring failed to run on the servers. Error #1085

I can't even run a landscape analysis anymore as it is getting an OpenAction CGError on one of our CMS servers. (the SAP article says I need to remove that server.)

The SAP Support person suggested that I have to rebuild all my servers.

I am frustrated. Having to open a "Discussion Items" to hope the community can help me resolve this issue is not the level of support that I thought we were paying for.