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Custom subclasses for MPC & DPC


I have some gateway services that I provide for several customers. So I have common MPC, DPC, MPC_EXT & DPC_EXT classes that I deploy to all these customers. The gateway service is registered by SEGW to point to the EXT classes at runtime.

I want to also have customer-specific enhancements to these classes - and it seems to me the most logical way is to subclass the _EXT classes for each customer and then point that customers' service at the new subclass.

This is all fine until I try and change the service definition to point to the new subclasses. I can't find a way to maintain this anywhere. It seems the important configuration tables are /IWBEP/I_MGW_OHD and /IWBEP/I_MGW_SRH - but I can't find a standard way of maintaining these fields.

So, in essence, I want to configure a Gateway service to use a MPC & DPC that I provide rather than the one generated by SEGW.


Graham Robbo

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    Sep 22, 2015 at 04:19 AM

    Hello Graham

    Based on your requirement is it not possible to REDEFINE the service? Service Redefinition can be useful to put more logic/condition.

    Gateway also provides Service Extensibility concept from SP9. Check out this

    In this case the inherited service overrides the base service, that meas the using the base service URL you can call the Redefined service.

    You right, these configurationĀ  tables are filled by Gateway Registration mechanism. If you try to do so, you may explore transaction /IWBEP/REG_SERVICE and /IWBEP/REG_MODEL. Here you can change the model and service by providing new MPC/DPC class, which contains your new functionality.



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    • Yeah thanks - I also had trouble when trying to remove the extension service. I was unable to get the base service working again except by creating a new extension service. This was because the service was still pointing at the subclass of the (now deleted) original extension service.

      And as we already know we are unable to maintain that setting. šŸ˜¢