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GUID issue with ABC/XYZ Classification and Forecast Optimization

Hello APO-Experts,

We have started using the ABC/XYZ Classification and Forecast Optimization (/SAPAPO/ABC_XYZ).

The function itself works fine and get good results. We have no problems with the Classification part but we have run into an issue with the FC Optimization.

We want to set GUID's to a selection of products with the forecast model/parameters determined by the forecast optimization.

This is done once and from there we want to adjust the parameters if needed to fine-tune the product.

Currently we fine tune by setting GUID's for forecasting by setting "/SAPAPO/FCST_GUIDS = X". When we run interactive forecasting the GUID is created and then when we run background forecasting the "interactive GUIS" is used to create the forecast rather than the master profile.

Unfortunately, it seens that these two GUID approaches cannot work together.

When I run the ABC/XYZ Analysis including FC Optimization, a GUID is created for the selected product combinations with the FC model and parameters chosen by the FC Optimization. In the Univariate Forecast screen in the Planning Book, when I adapt the parameters or select a different model we can save the "interactive GUID" (due to setting on user parameters).

However, when I get out of the Univariate Forecast and go back in, the "Forecast Optimization GUID" is used.

It is not caused by level of forecasting. Both are the same (product/location). And I have the GUID setting in my user profile so that's not it as well.

The problem seems to be in the fact that it actually creates two GUID's. In the transaction MSDP_FCST2 Assign Forecast Profiles I can see that for the same article two GUID's have been created. One with the Job/Transaction FCST_OPT_BY_CLASS and one with Job/Transaction Interactive Planning.

The "Forecast Optimization GUID" is apparently Always chosen over the "interactive GUID".

I have tried to deselect the FC Opt. GUID and select the Interactive Planning GUID but this does not make a difference, it still Always chooses the FC Opt. GUID. Even if this would work it's not really an option to do this manually for all products.

What we want is to first set the forecast profiles with the FC Optimization transaction. But we want to be able to change the parameters or model if needed and for the "interactive GUID" to be the "master".

We recognize that the "FC Optimization GUID" must be the master else it would not be used if there was already a "interactive GUID". Is there any way to set priorities in MSDP_FCST2 or delete GUID's once you had generated a superior GUID? Is there any BAPI, BADI, program or other that could help?

I have done researtch but I have not found a solution. I am hoping someone here has come across this and knows how to solve it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,


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2 Answers

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    Sep 19, 2015 at 07:37 PM

    Hello Stephanie,

    My experience with ABC_XYZ is very limited to study/research/POC.

    However I have worked on the problem of GUIDs created by Forecast Job and Profile Assigned by Planners for the same selection description. We were to solve this issue of double entries - two or more forecast profiles for same selection by using Z program. We had developed Z program to do the GUID merge when they are more than one assignments.

    Idea is program will replace the Batch job GUID(s) by Interactive GUID. Doing so, all the parameters and strategies maintained in Interactive forecast run will be applicable during monthly/Weejly forecast batch run. Generally, this program will be scheduled to run on every month before monthly batch forecast run takes place. Montly job run will happen to copy all interactive GUID to its corresponding batch GUID. I.e, within the same selection Id.

    Entire logic was written by referencing Table - /SAPAPO/DP_FCST2.

    Hope this will help.

    Thank you

    Satish Waghmare

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    • Former Member Satish Waghmare

      Hi Satish,

      We are looking in to both. At the moment I am still figuring out the steps needed to overwrite the GUID. I have again run into a new issue.

      I can change the KF in the assignment. Problem is that for some unknown reason, when I go in univariate forecast to change the model, the original Univariate Forecast Profile used in the Optimization is deleted. Not just for this product but for all, I can no longer find it in the Masterprofile transaction.

      So for this first product, that's not a big problem because it already got a different model. But for all other products that got the same FC model in the Optimization this is a problem because the FC profile used no longer exists. Therefore, when I go in to univariate forecast I immediately get the error: "no valid forecast profile".

      I tried, instead of changing the KF, to copy the selection profile name from the FC_OPT GUID in to the Univariate GUID. But I keep having the same problem. At the moment that I change the selected forecast model, the Univariate Forecast Profile is deleted. I also tried to run the forecast job after the Optimization but it makes no difference as well. It runs the forecast but does not assign a new GUID to it (selection profile name is not changed).

      I'm thinking it might have something to do with the forecast profile name (GUID). This is exactly the same for each product with the FC_OPT job so it looks as if each product has the same GUID. Somehow, changing this means deleting the univariate forecast profile although I have no clue why it's doing that.

      So, overwriting the GUID so that it does not take the FC_opt GUID everytime in the Univariate Forecast is not necessarily the problem anymore. Now I need to find a way to stop the original Univariate Forecast Profile from being deleted as soon as I make a change.

      Thank you.

      Kind regards,


  • Aug 05, 2016 at 09:51 AM


    I'm not sure if you still have this issue but if so have a look at SAP Note 2350985.

    Kind regards,


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