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Feb 02, 2017 at 02:48 PM

BO 4.1 System Copy



i have to do a system copy for our BO Systems.

Actually we had two BO Systems after that we would like to have 3 System. The production System will be our starting system but all systems have to migrate to new hardware.

I have read the section 14 in Admin Guide but i'am not happy with that.

Is there anybody how has done such an system copy in the last time.

At the moment i think we have to do the following:

- Install the new Target System with the same SP and Patchlevel as the old source system.

- Backup DB and Filestore, also other thinks like Monitoring and LCM DB

- Restore DB and file store to new environment

- Create new SIA pointing to the restored DB.

- Changing Cluster name

But what is with the name of the SIA. I know i cannot change them only if i create a new SIA but i would like to use my old Server configuration.

Our new QA and new prod system shall run at the same time and it is not an option for my to have the same sia name in booth system.

Is there anybody how can explain it a little more in detail?