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Sep 16, 2015 at 05:56 PM

Printing with SAP GUI 730 in Win7 swaps username with machine name, anyone seen this and what is the fix?


I am in strange situation where my customer would like to track print jobs using a print job accounting software and secure print feature (release jobs at the device once authenticated)

They have Windows 7 PC with SAP GUI 730, version 7300.2.5.1084.

So printing any jobs works fine, no issue. But printing SAP jobs generates a strange behavior where the "user name" is substituted with the "Machine name" therefore the job in the secure print workflow cannot be retrieved by the user because it belongs to a "Machine name".

See above Microsoft blog link on this issue.:

What lead me to SAP GUI was the last entry in this blog (about printing the German newspaper via the browser) and had the customer confirm it only happens with SAP printing and nothing else.

So not knowing too much about SAP GUI, I was wondering if there is a setting that could be set to "force attach" the username ID to the SAP print stream instead of the default Machine name.

Secondary question, will the new release 740 correct this?

Anyone has seen this and what is the fix.

Would appreciate a quick response since this is creating frustrations for my customer.

Many thanks in advance