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Sep 16, 2015 at 03:15 PM

SolMan on HANA Sizing


Hi Everyone,

Currently we are on SolMan 7.1 SP 4 ( I know its too low 😊) DB Size 130 Gb.

We are planning to Upgrade (or a Fresh Install) to SolMan 7.2 next year. As of today, we don't use any other scenario apart from Technical Monitoring and CCLM.

We are contemplating going to SAP SolMan 7.2 on HANA. So, as a homework to figure out approximate sizing requirements, I decided to use the SolMan Sizing Toolkit in SMP. See attached picture Sizing1.

Now, I know the tool is for SolMan 7.1 including 7.1 on HANA. But, I decided to see how the figures look like.

I did run my data through the tool and the Sizing Recommendations looked good.

But, as soon as I selected "SolMan on HANA" in the configuration, the figures spiked up along with a Note: See Sizing 2 and 3 Pictures

"With SolMan on HANA, 512 GB of RAM for the Database Server are required" ->This statement cant be true! We have completed sizing of Suite for Hana for much less than 512 Gb.

Does anyone have any clue? Is there a way I can try to find out how much memory is required for SolMan on Hana?




Sizing3.JPG (149.7 kB)
Sizing2.JPG (101.2 kB)
Sizing1.JPG (73.0 kB)