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Enforce a stop without transshipment

Hello everyone,

do you know a possibility to enforce an additional stop in a freight order without having loading/unloading activities or transshipment there?

The background of my question is the following scenario: We have a larger site with multiple loading points, but only one central check-in/out building. Freight orders shall contain the check-in/out building as a stop. This is because we want to model check-in and check-out as events.

The most straightforward approach that came to my mind was: Group all locations on the site in one zone, create intrazone lane and a lane from the zone to the check-in/out location. Only from that location there are lanes to all the destinations we might want to ship to. But this is only possible if I assign the check-out location as a transshipment location for the zone as well as for the destinations. In planning, this results in two freight orders being built, one going from zone locations to check-out location, the other going from there to the final destination. But this is not what I want to achieve. I just want an additional stop in a single freight order where (from planning point of view) nothing happens. Any ideas how to achieve this?

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1 Answer

  • Oct 06, 2015 at 04:49 PM

    Dear Michael,

    Unfortunately I don't have a solution but we have a similar issue, we also have sites with several business partners and therefore multiple locations(as far as I know only one business partner can be assigned to a location). It is also possible that our business partners have got several buildings with several docks for loading/unloading(hierarchical structure) on a site. I have thought about the following possible 'solutions':

    • Like you suggested, define one zone(as site) and assign several locations(business partners) to it. Instead of a distance of 50 miles difference between 2 locations there is only 50 foot for example. Disadvantages of this solution as far as I can see is that still for each location opening hours have to be maintained, while they are (possibly) dependent on the opening hours of the site. Another disadvantage is that the system has got more locations than strictly necessary, what is the impact on performance and analytics?
    • Define a transportation zone and assign the different locations to it, but as you mentioned this has also got several disadvantages and makes the process more complex than necessary.
    • SAP also provides a scenario with dock scheduling. Can the different locations on a site be modeled as different docks? I think the scenario only works in combination with SAP EWM and is more suitable for shippers than carriers.....

         SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling - SAP Library

    • You can always manually insert stages in Transportation requests(DTR/OTR/FWO) and Transportationoders(Freightorders/Freightbookings/Freight units). I am not sure but maybe you can automate this manual process by using conditions(business rules). e.g. IF LOCATION IS ON A SITE THAN INSERT EXTRA STAGE.  Maybe condition /SCMTMS/TRQ_STG_PRF can help.
    • The final possibility I thought about is the use of business partners. If a location has got a business partner and you create an FWO and enter for example the business partner as Consignee, the Destination location is automatically filled with the address data of the business partner. Is it for example also possible to define a site as a party role and let the source/destination location be filled with this address data?

    As you can read I have still a lot of questions and I am not sure if your requirements can be met with standard SAP. Maybe another SAP object(e.g. "Site") is required..........? However I hope this information might help you, maybe another expert can eleborate about the SAP functionality regarding locations.

    Kind regards,

    Benno Mateman

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    • Former Member


      The best solution will be to use the below pointer from Benno i.e adding intermediate stages or locations from stages tab in corresponding freight unit or freight order.