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Feb 07, 2006 at 06:55 AM

Web DIspatcher Problem....


Hi all,

I have setup a web dispatcher for our BW 3.5 environment.

Web Dispather is running on hostA. BW message server is running on hostB.

I used the bootstrap to configure the web dispatcher and seems like it started correctely. I do not see any error in the log file and I can see the status from the web console as well. It is all green. I have tried to shutdown and start again and it worked.

My question is -

When I go to BW and enter transaction code RRMX. It opens a BEx and I execute a query and it uses DIA WP to execute it. Now I launch it on the Web.

I think it should read the SICF service and pick up a logon group, which I entered, and do load balancing.

Am I Correct?

But How does the hostB know that there is a Web Dispatcher activated on hostA. Though I knwo that hostA has all the information I entered abut the message server of hostB.


As I have already entered the logon group in SICF then do we still need web dispatcher to load balance.

I am not able to understand the flow of request (from presentation server) and result (from hostB).

Can anybody please help me in understanding this.

I will appreciate your help.

Thank you.