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Feb 07, 2006 at 06:11 AM

Need help on the correct directory extract structure for SP15 .SAR files


Hi all,

With the help of many here I have been able to finally download all the SP15 files I need for my EP 6.0 on WAS 6.40. I am currently on SP11 for both EP and WAS and want to move up to SP15.

I downloaded all the .SAR files and did SAPCAR -xvf all from within a temp directory I created. Yes, some of the LABEL.ASC files were being overwritten.

After all the extracts, I ran SAPINST and it did start, but unlike when I ran SP11, I had options for KM, EP, Tools, etc. This time it only presented me with options for the WAS and the first option was "Import Support Package 15" (with the other options being for dialog instances). There was nothing about EP, Tools, KM, etc.

I ran the Import option and it completed successfully. I then thought it either did everything or if I reran it the other options (for EP, KM, etc.) would now show up. Of course, I was wrong.

So where am I exactly going wrong regarding extracting all the .SAR files into the proper directory structure so that SAPINST runs correctly?

Please help if you can.

Many thanks,