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Sep 10, 2015 at 11:07 PM

Is Stored Procedure a Single Transaction in HANA?


Hi ,

For a HANA project, we plan to use stored procedures to update some master data tables, which are used to break down one structured sales article into component articles (for example, one carton of beer can be broken down into 24 cans of beer ) for stock on hand calculation.

Inside those procedures we have some DELETE and INSERT statements.

For example in one of the procedures:

  • DELETE FROM Table_A;
  • INSERT INTO Table_A;

And we do concern about if there will be a dirty read of ‘Table_A’ between DELETE and INSERT.

So I did a testing to let the procedure wait for a few seconds after the SQL statements.

It shows that all changes to tables will only be committed after the whole procedure is finished.

Then can we say that Stored Procedure is a single transaction in HANA and we can use store procedure to combine a few transactions (SQL statements) into one transaction?

We are working with HANA 1.0 rev 85 right now and will upgrade to rev 97 later on. Any idea about changes in the new version?

Could anyone help to confirm if a procedure is one single transaction?

Any comment will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,