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Former Member
Sep 10, 2015 at 08:01 AM

Minimum Input data required for Expert rules to produce GHS compliant SDS with SERC Content


Dear Members,

As part of SERC content, SAP provides some data which gets loaded against CAS Listed & UN Listed substances. However, that is obviously not sufficient to effectively run all expert rules. What is the minimum set of input data (for both product & components) a client should provide so that all concerned rules can be run and it finally produces, lets say a GHS complaint SDS? e.g, I can understand for a fact that physical/chemical properties should be provided as input; but which all?

I try to refer provided SAP documents to decipher this, but I am not able to establish direct & distinct linkages between input & output data against the concerned rule sets; more so specifically in case of Toxicological & Ecological sections. Any help based on your authoring experience would be highly appreciated.