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DAE have too many holding status messages

Hi Experts,

I have 1 production DAE that running SAP XI7.11 + Win2k8 + oracle10g, almost every month ONCE I need to restart the whole system due to suddenly this system have many messages stuck in queues with Holding / Waiting /To be deliver status.

1) Do anyone know what could be the problem ?

2) What kind of system health check program I can install to monitor this system ?

3) Which parameters setting is affecting this scenario ?


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Sep 10, 2015 at 02:54 AM

    Hi Min Eng

    For To Be Delivered messages, I'd suggest you check my blog below on how to analyse them and further prevent them from happening.

    Handling and preventing messages stuck in To Be Delivered status

    For Holding, it is related to EOIO messages. A message in holding basically indicates that a predecessor message in the same EOIO sequence is in error state and has not been resolved (either cancelled or reprocessed). On older versions of PI, error handling for EOIO needs to be done properly, otherwise the sequence numbers can get into an undetermined state. After an EOIO message in System Error state has been cancelled or reprocessed, the subsequence messages in Holding needs to be reprocessed in a timely manner. I'd suggest you check SAP Note 813993 (under section Holding) for more details on this. Further SAP Notes of interest (mentioned in the above note) regarding EOIO are 811864, 885880, 885879.


    Eng Swee

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