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Stock available qty for customer sales order

Dear All SAP SD Experts

Currently i am having a problem in the system about stock availability for a material shown in MMBE

in MMBE the stock is mentioned as "Unrestricted use = 48 Unit" in a storloc

and when we try to input the sales order for that material in the same storloc the system didnt allocate the stock and the status become back order

please help me out

Best regards


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3 Answers

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    Sep 09, 2015 at 05:33 AM


    IN scope of check you might have ticked include sales requirements. If there are any open sales orders system will not confirm the stock even though the stock will show in unrestricted use.



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    Former Member
    Sep 14, 2015 at 10:32 AM


    please check whether there are open sale order exits are not if there are open order for the same material  stock was allocated to that all open sales order and open delivery close that order first and check in mmbe


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  • Sep 15, 2015 at 09:09 AM

    Please go through the link given by Mr Noel-certainly it helps you what is the cause for your issue..

    to Mr Noel-Very Good link,Thanks for sharing with team.

    to Mr Jurgen: we respect your helping nature-even though you stand tall(in fact very tall)

    To the author: please go to MMBE then check all the levels of the stock by scrolling to right--if you find some numbers here-Right click--check the Requirements list/Open POs etc..hope this helps.


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    • The available quantity isn't specific to a sales order / delivery. The available quantity that you in the "Cumulative ATP Quantity" column reflects the available quantity of that particular segment. A segment can be a plant, storage location, batch or batch / storage location.

      In your screenshot, it is clear that you do not have an available quantity at storage location level. Actually, you have a negative availability quantity in this segment which means nothing can be confirmed. At plant level, you have 102 in stock - 48 of sales orders - 48 of deliveries = available quantity of 6. In storage location 1000, you have 64 in stock - 48 of sales orders - 48 of deliveries = -32 available quantity.

      The plant stock is made up of an accumulation of all your storage locations. However, on your screenshots, we can see 102 at plant level, 48 in storage location 3000, 1 in storage location 4000, 64 in storage location 1000 = 113. There may be more storage locations that are not in the above screenshots? If the "SLoc MRP Indicator" in the MRP4 tab of the material master = "1" or "2" for the specific storage location, then the stock for this storage location will not be added to the plant stock. This might be happening on your system.

      For the system to assign a confirmed available quantity, it must find an available quantity at each segment. This is explained in the KBA 1513607 (cause 4). I would highly recommend that you read that KBA, along with note 153355 which explains how we can come to a scenario where you have a negative available quantity.

      Hope this helps.