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Feb 06, 2006 at 05:52 PM

RFC SDK / RfcOpenEx / X509CERT Parameter



I am trying to connect through the RFC API to an SAP system, which I normally use with my own certificate.

Unfortunately the connection is unsuccessful and I get the following error message back:

RFC Error Info : Group : 103 Key : RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE Message : No suitable SAP user found for X.509-client certificate

My implementation is in PHP, but I created an equivalent code snippet in C,

which would have the same meaning:


1. client_cert contains the certificate of the SAP user.

2. The connection parameters are as follows:


SYSNR = "24"

CLIENT = "100"

X509CERT = client_cert





handle = RfcOpenEx(connectionParameters);

if (!handle) {

printf("Connection failed. Error info: %s", RfcError());



As we see from the result, the connection really fails and the error

description sais, that the system cannot find an user with such certificate.

(I should remind you, that I cut off the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END

CERTIFICATE tags, as well as the white spaces in the certificate. If I don't

do this, I get the message, that the maximum length of the parameter is

exeeded, which now means for me, that the certificate could not be parsed).

I would be very thankful if someone could help me to find the right

solution. Since I don't have any idea what happens after the RFC SDK

library's entry point and in the documentation is not specified in which

format the certificate must be supplied, it is very hard for me to guess

where and what is wrong. The error messages are also not very helpful in my

situation, for I cannot figure out how to proceed.

Thanks in advance for Your help!

Best Regards,

Vasil Bachvarov